The Fare

By Claude Solnik
Directed by Scott David Reeves
Theater For The New City

         “Directed by Scott David Reeves, who also gives a solid performance as the banker Rich…”

Sujeet Rajan, The Indian Times

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“Be prepared for the ride of your life…”

Kristen Morale, Broadway World

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“A fast paced drama…Scott Reeves as Rich and Hemang Sharma as Omar were stalwarts that displayed their talent by effectively delivering controversial dialogue. “

Dr Tom Stevens, Rising Action.

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Production Workbook
Production Book – The Fare                                                               Watch original production: HERE


The Turn of the Screw

By Jamie Wylie / Based on the Henry James novella
Directed by Anais Koivisto
The Moriss Jumal Mansion, Everyday Inferno Theater Company

A ghost story that is “…all done so deliciously right,”

PJ Grisar

 Stage Buddy.

Dial M for Murder

By Frederick Knott
Directed by David Zybert
Good Luck Macbeth, Classic Theater Company

“[Reeves] hits the right balance of Diabolic charm and vengeful greed…

Brad Bynum, Reno News & Review.

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By William Shakespeare
Directed by Jon Lutz
Good Luck Macbeth, Classic Theater Company

“[Reeves] moves nimbly from sorrow to contemplation to despair…”

Brent Busboom, Reno News & Review.

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By Tracy Letts
Directed by Dave Richards
Bruka Theatre of the Sierra’s

“Reeves brings legitimate chops to a disturbing character.”

Mark Dunagan, Reno News & Review.

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Good Luck Macbeth

Classic Theatre Company

There are things that a person may accomplish in their life which will stay with them as long as they live. For me, one of those things is Good Luck Macbeth, Classic Theater Company “The exception which proves the rule.” I originally began GLM with the help of some very close friends, whom I met through the Reno theater community or who I worked with as writers. Our first production was Tennessee William’s “The Glass Menagerie” and it was performed inside the First United Methodist Church due largely to the kindness of pastor John Auer.

The theater’s first review. By Jessica Santina
“…our hearts still ache for the Wingfields, and that is the mark of success for the new theater troupe…”
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What was magnificent about the show, was not only the production, but the resources we found ourselves with at the conclusion. GLM was now a 501(c)3, with a grant from the Sierra Arts Foundation, lighting and sound equipment and a place to perform,  the cast and crew were hungry for more theatre. Since we already had everything we needed, we decided the best thing to do, would be to create an entire season of plays. So we did.
Good Luck Macbeth continues to thrive in the Reno community today. visit them at

People I want to thank again:

Jim Martin: For helping to keep me as well as the theatre alive.

Dalia Gerdel: For all of her dedication, posters, costumes, countless shows and ceaseless effort and heart.

The GLM Board of Director: Joe Taglieber, Ellen Reiterman, Michael Peters, Kathy Sharkey-Brockmiere, Brent Forbush & Debi Braat. Thank you for your belief in me, your time and effort.

John Auer: For the chance to begin.

MacAvoy Lane: For the chance to continue.

Terri Randolph: Thanks for the costumes on so many shows.

Brady Shea: The best lighting tech ever!

Julie Roberts for her help, as well as Roger, Dave, Gary and the entourage.

Linda Noveroske: For your tireless effort and creativity.

Bob Barsanti: For the biggest curtain ever!

Mary Bennet and Bruka Theatre: For Helping to keep a dream alive.

The Utility Players, Empire Improv, the two best improv groups in town.

The City of Reno, The RWMA, The Sierra Arts foundation, and everybody who helped or worked on a show at GLM. It was a great community to work in, and a wonderful chapter in my life.